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Autographed 8x10 Photo - Great Attraction - $10

You receive a personally signed 8x10 glossy photo of the Historical Conjurer, Professor DR Schreiber. This photo depicts the Historical Conjurer and his Posted Bill "Great Attraction!" If you would like your photo signature customized, please send an email to with the exact wording.

18th Century Playing Cards - $18

Playing cards have been one of the magicians most common tools for centuries, but playing cards have changed over time. This replica of an 18th century deck of playing cards made by printer "I. Hardy" features the wood cut look of the period, sealed in a reproduction paper wrapper, including the embossed "stamp" as a proof of duty paid.

Goose Feather Quill Pen & Ink - $5

The use of the feather to fashion writing implements was as familiar in the ancient world as it was in early America. References to the quill pen occur as early as the 7th century AD. The quill pen remained pre-eminent until the 1830’s when developments in England led to the mass production of steel pen points. This quill pen is made of the finest quality bleach white goose quill, the most common feather for the quill pen. Only a very select group of wing feathers are suitable for use in making pens. Once these are prepared, the barrel of each feather is cut and shaped to form the nib, which can be reshaped and reshaped as often as necessary. Each feather quill pen includes a packet of dry walnut ink. 

Electrostatic Generator - $150

The electrostatic generator dates from the late 18th century. It is truly a piece of scientific equipment, but makes a beautiful addition to any office space. These machines were often used in conjuring displays to demonstrate the power of electricity.
This machine is assembled and hand painted by Professor DR Schreiber. This is an exact replica of the electrostatic generator used during his performance. The machine stands approximately 16" high.
Each machine is specially ordered and therefore takes additional time to ship. Additional shipping charges will apply.