Learn Magic

Professor DR Schreiber has been lecturing on magic history and instructing new magicians for nearly 3 decades. Now, it is your turn to learn from this top notch professor of prestidigitation!

Virtual and In-Person Magic Classes

Professor DR Schreiber will teach you magic. Whether you are aged 7 or 107, magic is an art form for everyone. The Historical Conjurer offers magic instructions both virtually, through online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts, as well as in-person. DR Schreiber can teach you magic no matter your skills level. Classes are configured to meet your schedule. Send an email to historicalconjurer@gmail.com to begin your instructions today!

As a magic consultant, Schreiber lends his expertise to dancers, actors, and other creatives to add elements of magic to their performances. He has worked with professional theatre companies including Experience Theatre Project, Lakewood Center for the Arts, and Battleground Productions.

Schreiber is a frequent panelist and instructor at conferences and meetings, as well as mentor for one-on-one magic instruction.