Dickens Christmas Conjuring

Charles Dickens Conjuring

Christmas holds its own wondrous magic within its grasp, but in the very early 19th Century a wonderful storyteller, whose name has become synonymous with Christmas, embraced conjuring as an amateur artist.  This conjurer was the famous author Charles Dickens.

Each year at the celebration of Twelfth Night, the festival honored in the classic song Twelve Days of Christmas, Charles Dickens would don his mystical apparel and entertain his friends and family with a conjuring performance.

In his Dickens Christmas conjuring performance, Professor DR Schreiber explores the dreams and tales of Charles Dickens and the early Victorian time.  This Dickens Christmas conjuring performance is well suited for families and children and involves audience participation, storytelling and fun for all.

Professor DR Schreiber can add an interesting element of Dickens entertainment to your holiday celebration.  Schedule your performance today!